Tuesday, December 8, 2009

How to Avoid making a guy get confused(or vice versa) by Elana

If your interested in going out with a guy keep in mind that us guys can get rather confused rather easily. It makes no difference wheter a guy is a freaking genius or a run of the mill football player, he can still get very confused very easily.

As such you may want to consider making things simple for us.

-First of all, if your interested in us, let us know! We're far less likely to act if we think your not interested in us. If you are, let us know, use glances, head movements, fidgets, if we're interested, we'll often be watching for this stuff. (though we are pretty dumb, we might not always pick up on it.)

-If a guy asks you on a date, you've got a pretty clear choice, yes or no. We'll get to yes in a minute, but if your going to say no theres a few reasons right? First off, your not interested. If thats the case, make it clear. After all, if you don't like a guy, do you really want him to keep asking you out? Cause theres a good chance he will unless he knows you don't like him. (we're dumb, it usually takes us a while to figure this stuff out) If you DO like him, but you can't go for some reason, let him know, give your reason, and ask if you can maybe do it another time? Or, swear that your not trying to get out of a date, you just really have to do (insert important activity here) and continue talking to him, if you turn him down for a date, and continue to have a long conversation, he can be pretty certain that your interested, just unable to make that date.

-If you don't like something we're doing (something we say, something we do, intimate behaviors) just tell us straight out, OR raise the eyebrows at us and frown, we can usually understand that one.

Just remember, us guys are incredibly STUPID at times, we often haven't a clue what were doing, and sending us sutble clues often just adds to our confusion.

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