Thursday, December 3, 2009

How to be a sexy woman?. by jeniffer

I don't know how you think, and if i did I wouldn't be on here.

Now when you want to get a guys attention, at school, at the mall, wherever, sure the less clothes does the trick, but looks dont always do you a favour, no matter how pretty you are.
When your with your boyfriend in public, or with his friends or family, dress appropritaly, normally. Be yourself because thats who you want him to fall inlove with

Now you've got that cute short skirt and top just lying around that you never wear in fear of people thinkin ur just being a s|u† to get your man to like you.

Well when its just going to be you and your boyfriend, its alright to wear those cuter clothes. Wear them becasue you want to and not because he would want you to.

If he really does love you, then what you wear or what you look like doesn't matter to him, but trust me, people may not want to say it, but looks do matter to a certain extent.

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